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About us

"May you live in Interesting times" - A Chinese curse that doesn't seem so bad. But it means to live in times void of peace or tranqulity.

Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there has been a flood of news and Information on this topic. Some useful, some not as much. Here at The Virus we aim to provide you with the latest news worthy stories, as well as sourcing you practical measures you can take to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

Health is very Important to all of us and bad information can lead to us compromising not only only our health, but all those closest to us.

This is the start of our journey and we appreciate your help every step of the way. Please help us spread the news through social media, joining our mailing list, and contacting us with relevant tips.

Thank you
Ashiq Nazir
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Providing you support and guidance on the latest Covid-19 (coronavirus) panademic
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