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17 June 2020
Dexamethasone: The New DRUG to combat COVID-19, not a vaccine!

On the news, Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, had recently been seen on the news promoting a new drug that could help save lives taken by Covid-19. This drug […]

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4 June 2020
The New NHS Test and Trace System Isolates You Even WITHOUT Symptoms

Before, if you had Covid-19 symptoms, you should self-isolate. Now, if you get a call from the NHS, you must self-isolate whether you have symptoms or NOT. Matt Hancock, the […]

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3 May 2020
Greater Manchester Police Asks To Call The Police on "Conspiracy Theorists"

Police in Manchester is now asking the public to call the police if their friends or family are engaging in "conspiracy theories". This sounds like something that'd come out of […]

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30 March 2020
Coronavirus Fraud: Beware of Fake UK Government Text Promising Money

A scam is travelling around the internet to get people to enter their personal details, including their bank details. This phishing attempt claims to be the UK government in order […]

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30 March 2020
False claim circulating that NHS and UK government bans alcohol sales to combat Covid-19

Some UK residents will wake this morning with the world in more of a turmoil than it was yesterday. An image is currently circulating on UK social media claiming that […]

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29 March 2020
Boris Johnson Warns that the UK Lockdown Could Get Even More Restrictive!

Boris Johnson, Britain's Prime Minister, has warned the public that the UK lockdown may need to become more restrictive than the one it is currently in. This was after the […]

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1 March 2020
The UK Government Can Now Use YOUR Personal Data to Track Coronavirus

In the UK, the government are now legally allowed to retrieve personal data from people's mobile devices to track and monitor behaviour to see if it helps to stop spreading […]

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