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YouTube keeps banning Dr Mikovits' Documentary 'Plandemic' - Here is why!

Dr Mikovits was thrown in jail after discovering the fact that vaccines spread retroviruses. Now that her 5-year gagging order is over, she's exposing secrets.
Zahrah A
9 May 2020

Dr Mikovits was thrown into prison and bankrupted nine years ago after she discovered evidence that retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines to humans. Now that her 5-year gagging order has ended, she is here to share her story and also her substantial knowledge about vaccines and viruses.

One of the main names she accuses of wrongdoing is Anthony Fauci - the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). She said that Fauci's advice when it comes to this Covid-19 pandemic is "absolute propaganda". The then said that this is the same kind of propaganda Fauci has perpetrated since 1984.

Patents Within Science

In a documentary-style Interview, the host, Mikki Willis, asked: "How can any person who's giving global advise for health own a patent in the solution in the vaccine - isn't that a conflict of interest?" Mikovits replied by saying that it is a conflict of interest. As well as this, she wants to convince Trump to "repeal the Bayh-Dole Act". This Act had been created to amend the patent and trademark laws. The Act is the US legislation dealing with inventions created from federal government-funded research. This research seems to be in the Interest of the government and not the public.

In effect of the Bayh-Dole Act, government workers were given the right to patent their discoveries - claim intellectual property for discoveries "that tax-payers paid for". Dr Mikovits had said that since the early 80s - when the Act was created, it "destroyed science". Which then allowed the development of the conflict of interest.

The Potentially Mandatory Vaccines

Mikki Willis then said that if mandatory vaccines were activated globally, he imagines that people who own vaccines stand to make hundreds of billions. To which Dr Mikovits says that "they'll kill millions... as they already have with their vaccines".

However, when asked if she was anti-vaccine, Dr Mikovits said: "absolutely not". She then explained that vaccines are a type of immunotherapy and that her job is to develop immune therapies - "that's what vaccines are".

dr mikovits

The "Creation" of Covid-19

When it comes to the creation of the novel coronavirus, there are many theories about the subject. Mikki Willis asked if Dr Mikovits believes that the virus was created in a lab? Mikovits then said that she "wouldn't use the word "created" but you can't say naturally occurring". She had said that the virus was manipulated and studied within a laboratory where animals were taken into. She believes this is what released Covid-19- whether intentional or not.

Additionally, Mikovits has a theory as to where the novel coronavirus came from. She had said that she was sure that it had occurred between North Carolina laboratories, Fort Detrick US Army Institute for Research and the Wuhan laboratory in China.

The topic eventually moved onto the "alarming" number of deaths in Italy. Dr Mikovits quoted Dr Burks in how Burks is "taking a very liberal approach" to mortality. Mikovits then said that "if you're not testing and you don't have evidence of infection ... they'd call it Covid-19".

Other Doctors Feel Pressured to List Covid-19 as the Disease a Patient Has

Shortly after, videos of doctors making their own videos were shown. One of which had revealed that they're pressured to add Covid-19 to a death report. Additionally, it was said that doctors are being incentivised by Medicare to list Covid-19. Doctors will receive $13,000 if a doctor lists Covid-19 as the person's illness. If that same patient is then put on a ventilator, the doctor then gets $39,000. Dr Mikovits then said: "And you've killed with the wrong treatment because you put them on a ventilator".

Hydroxychloroquine Not Being Given Out to Patients

Next, Hydroxychloroquine was mentioned as well as labelled as being kept away from people that need the anti-malarial. This drug is said to be one of the most effective against Covid-19 and yet the AMA is saying that doctors will lose their licence if they prescribe Hydroxychloroquine. As well as this, Mikovits also says that Fauci calls the effectiveness of the drug "anecdotal data" to which she then states that there are lots of papers claiming it as effective.

Freedom of Speech

Dr Mikovits documentary-style Interview has been hosted on YouTube but gets repeatedly taken down. This doesn't say much for freedom of speech, does it? Here is the video below, please watch it whilst you can.


What do you THINK about the whole ordeal? Do you think that something needs to change?

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