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Greater Manchester Police Asks To Call The Police on "Conspiracy Theorists"

The Greater Manchester Police have posted a Facebook post saying to call the police on family or friends that may be sharing conspiracy theories.
Zahrah A
3 May 2020

Police in Manchester is now asking the public to call the police if their friends or family are engaging in "conspiracy theories". This sounds like something that'd come out of China's social credit system but no, this is happening in England.

"Online platforms can be a fun world. Unfortunately, they can also be used to exploit vulnerable people. If you are worried that one of your friends or family is showing signs of radicalisation seek advice or call police on 101," posted Greater Manchester Police on Facebook. For those of you who don't know, 101 is the number to call local police in non-emergency situations.

greater manchester police

Civil liberties nowadays are becoming more strained - especially now with the outbreak of Covid-19. Now, as public scepticism is increasing, social media platforms are trying to stamp out the fire of conspiracy theories. As well as this, the statements from Greater Manchester Police hasn't helped much.

How People Reacted

The comments on the post were not very welcoming to the idea.

greater manchester police

"How ironic that it was people accused of being ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ in the past that actually warned us a totalitarian police state would come and here it is," replied Paul Nolan Jones.

“Did you guys actually do any proper police training when you signed up or were you handed a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 to memorise instead? – THE THOUGHT POLICE are alive and well in 2020. Do you realise what you’re doing to society if you’re implementing action taken on the above?!,” said Charlotte Binns.

After the criticism they received, Greater Manchester Police deleted the post but had archived it for historical reasons.

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