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Social Care Workers Now Being Provided With Testing and Equipment

There are many Covid-19 cases breaking out in the social care sector. Now, thanks to a UK Government initiative, care workers are being provided with PPE.
Zahrah A
20 April 2020

There have been many cases of Covid-19 taking place in care homes. In order to stop the outbreaks within care homes (in both residents and health care workers), the government have incentivised a national action plan.

This plan includes boosting care providers' access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). As well as this, there will be more testing for the novel Coronavirus and recruitment of more staff.

All care workers will be tested where required as well as residents that show symptoms of the disease. So far, over 4,000 care workers have been tested, according to the UK government. Additionally, everyone that is going into a care home from the hospital will be tested with immediate effect.

PPE delivery is being overhauled with orders being dispatched more quickly. This includes direct dispatches via Royal Mail, a 24/7 hotline and a new pilot website. Seven million PPE items have been dispatched in England. This is equivalent to 300 face masks for each provider to meet immediate demand.

care worker

Care Workers Response to the Initiative

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, has said that the social care action plan provided a framework to build the future of social care as well as showing the importance of the role the sector was playing in the pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) had welcomed the government's move but had said that there was a lack of details on delivery. They said that they "need policy makers to grasp the very real, very live challenges the sector is facing while also making an investment to lay the foundations for a stronger sector once the pandemic is over".

The CEO of Brunel care, Oona Goldsworthy has said that the provisions should have been made weeks ago whilst also welcoming the plan. They also added that the lack of PPE equipment across the industry is simply unacceptable.

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