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How to Keep Your Things Covid-19 Free With These Simple Steps

In order to keep your things Covid-19 free and sterile, you need to have certain precautions in order to barrier them from the virus.
Zahrah A
18 April 2020

If you are anxious during the Covid-19 pandemic and want to keep your chances of contracting the disease to a minimum, these are a few ways to help keep yourself safe and your things Covid-19 free.

Tip #1: Keeping Your Phone Covid-19 Germ Free

As you may know, your phone can get pretty dirty as it travels everywhere you go. One of the things that you can do, when you're going grocery shopping, for instance, is keeping your phone in a zip lock storage bag - whilst you're also wearing gloves. This will help both you and your phone stay clean. Through the plastic of the bag, you'll still be able to use your phone or most phones, should I say. If you want to be extra cautious, disinfect the phone along with other groceries when you get home.

If you're wearing gloves but leaving your phone bare, it defeats the purpose of wearing gloves in the first place. You put gloves on and pick something up, the gloves then could be contaminated with Covid-19. If you then touch your phone, your passing on the virus to it. You get home and take the gloves off - but you still touch your phone. You still get the virus in the end.

covid-19 free sterile coronavirus

Your Credit Cards, License, and Spare Change

Cover what you want to have away from the virus and other pathogens. For example, cover your face in order to make sure you don't inhale/ingest pathogens by using a face mask.

To start off, you want to go through your wallet and take out any cards that you need to take with you whilst you're out. Then, you can put your driver's license and the cards in the bag with your phone. You can still use your phone and your driver's license is still visible. If your card is contactless, you can still scan it through the bag - leaving it sterile and Covid-19 FREE.

In another bag, you can leave your car keys. I wouldn't suggest bundling them with your phone or cards just in case it scratches them. Through the bag, you can press the buttons in order to unlock your car and potentially start it (if you have auto-start). Most people, however, don't have autostart and would need to disinfect the car keys once you have got home. You can also keep your coins in a bag that you can disinfect later.

When You Come Back Home

When you come back home, you want to keep a certain area where you keep your shoes that you've worn outside. As well as this, disinfecting them is something to consider.

In order to disinfect certain items, you'll want to use either hand sanitiser or normal soap. That's right, you don't need a soap that's marketed as anti-bacterial. Just any soap will do to kill the virus to keep you Covid-19 free.

Stay safe!

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