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Coronavirus Fraud: Beware of Fake UK Government Text Promising Money

A coronavirus fraud has been shared 'from the UK Government' that promises compensation during the quarantine/self-isolation.
Zahrah A
30 March 2020

A scam is travelling around the internet to get people to enter their personal details, including their bank details. This phishing attempt claims to be the UK government in order for the person to receive "Covid-19 Relieve" - £258. This phishing attempt is not that long after the Three phishing attempt that targeted all of the service's users.

The SMS message asks the user to follow through to a link to a website that is meant to mimic the government webpage.

Signs that this is a phishing scam

The actual government website has the URL "gov.uk" whereas the scam URL is "uk-covid-relieve.com". Totally different!

The term "relief" is also spelt wrong by the third-party - instead of putting "relieve". If you click on other links on the webpage, they do not lead to anywhere. As well as this, the original text message appears to come from senders called “Coronavirus” or “COVID19” rather than the government. 

As well as this, the government hasn't informed anyone that they are going to send anyone messages or give people in the UK payments following the Covid-19 pandemic.

ActionFraud, the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, has said for you to respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details.

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