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False claim circulating that NHS and UK government bans alcohol sales to combat Covid-19

Brits will start thinking that the world has gone upside down as there is news of a ban on alcohol by the NHS and the British Government during quarantine
Zahrah A
30 March 2020

Some UK residents will wake this morning with the world in more of a turmoil than it was yesterday. An image is currently circulating on UK social media claiming that there is a strict ban on the consumption, sale and purchase of alcohol “with immediate effect” by the UK's National Health Service (NHS). This apparently is to combat Covid-19. At first glance, the document, shown below, looks quite legit. There is an official-looking title, HM Government logo and NHS logo. The document is a fake.


There is also an occupying fake statement that reads as follows: “A strict ban of alcohol has been issued with immediate effect. Simon Stevens, chief executive of the N.H.S has ordered a ban on consumption of alcohol after his team have discovered that the toxin lowers immunity. This means that all sales have stopped from 29/03/2020. It falls under an emergency health legislation, which means that it is now illegal to purchase, sell and consume alcohol. Anyone caught breaching the new law will be severely sanctioned to protect everyone against the battle of Covid-19.”

UK residents can breathe a sigh of relief as neither the NHS nor the British Government has put in place any such ban. Pubs and bars have closed in the UK, however, off-licenses, licenced shops, and UK supermarkets are still able to sell alcohol under the “notable exceptions” guidance. You can find the full Information here.


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