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US Coronavirus Confirmed Cases Exceeds Both Italy's and China's

The US now has more Coronavirus cases than both Italy and China. However, the US has the least amount of deaths from COVID-19. Self-isolate and quarantine.
Zahrah A
27 March 2020

China is known as the epicentre of the Coronavirus due to it being the first country to have the disease spread. However, the US now has more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than both China and Italy.

The latest figures from John Hopkins University says that the country now has more than 97,000 positive cases of COVID-19. China has 82,000 cases and Italy has 86,000 cases. However, the death rate from the virus in the US is still lower than both China and Italy. The death rate is around 1,500 whereas it's 3,000 in China and 9,000 in Italy.

When asked about the latest figures, President Trump said it was "a tribute to the amount of testing that we're doing".

President Trump was doubtful about the figures that were coming from China, saying that "You don't know what the numbers are in China". However, he then tweeted that he had a very good conversation with China's President, Xi Jinping. He then said that China has developed a strong understanding of COVID-19, therefore they are working closely together.

us coronavirus

Donald Trump's Plan?

Donald Trump also plans to release federal distancing guidelines that may advise some regions of the US to loosen their restrictions. He said that these new guidelines would create risk zones (high, medium low) that would allow the government to advise on adapting social distancing and other mitigation measures depending on the risk zone that people are in.

Trump says that he believes that low risk states such as Iowa Idaho, Nebraska and certain parts of Texas could open sooner than some other states.

According to a study conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of Washington's School of Medicine, as many as 2,300 patients could die from COVID-19 come April.

The Next Hotspot for the Coronavirus in the US

There are some rumours and fears that Louisiana could become the next hotspot for the Coronavirus. This is mainly due the governor warned that New Orleans, the states biggest city, could be out of ventilators and beds within the first week of April.

According to Dr Deborah Birx, the co-ordinator of the White House's COVID-19 response, said that there are two other cities that showed signs of rapidly rising new infections. These two cities are Chicago and Detroit, where the mayor said that the situation is "really concerning".

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