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A Simple Breathing Exercise to Lower Your Stress Levels

In these times, people will be very stressed. In order for you to lower your stress, breathing exercises may be beneficial for you. Try it now!
Zahrah A
27 March 2020

News of the Coronavirus pandemic has got everyone concerned and it is understandable that people are very anxious at the moment. In order to combat anxiety and stress, there are various methods you can use to relax - Including breathing techniques. These can make a huge difference. Try the following along to the image below:


Do you feel a little better now? Read on to find out why breathing techniques can help you at this time.

How does this breathing exercise work?

This breathing exercise makes you take deep breaths. When you're taking deep breaths, it sends a message to your brain to calm down. The brain then sends this message to the body. When you feel anxious or in danger, your breathing and heart rate increase but deep breathing helps you to slow them down. Therefore, making your body feel it isn't in danger and then relaxes.

Benefits of deep breathing - other than lowering stress

breathing exercise

It helps you to relax, therefore lowing the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol. It also lowers your heart rate, therefore lowering your blood pressure. If you have PTSD, it helps you cope with its symptoms.

After doing breathing exercises regularly you'll find that... Your core muscle stability will be improved. Your body will be able to tolerate intense exercise more, therefore lowering the chances of injuring or wearing out your muscles.

If you are feeling stressed, hopefully, this simple yet effective breathing exercise will help you feel better. Stay safe!

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