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Both Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock Contract Coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are both positive for the Coronavirus. They are self-isolating with mild symptoms for at least seven days.
Zahrah A
27 March 2020

Both Boris Johnson and the health secretary, Matt Hancock, have both tested positive for Coronavirus. Boris posted a tweet explaining his symptoms and self-isolation. The PM should be in self-isolation for at least seven days as the NHS advises.

As they both have mild symptoms, they will continue to work on driving the UK forward via online video conferences.

Downing Street has said the UK's Prime Minister was tested on the advice of his chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty. Number 10 also said that the Prime Minister's meals will be left outside of his door whilst in self-isolation in order to keep others safe.

How is Number 10 running whilst Boris Johnson is in isolation due to the Coronavirus?

boris johnson

Additionally, as Number 10 is seen is a workplace, the staff there don't have to isolate unless they start to develop symptoms. The main symptoms being a new persistent cough and a raised temperature.

Due to his self-isolation, Boris Johnson did not travel to Buckingham Palace for his weekly private meeting with the Queen on Wednesday. Instead, he resorted to calling her on the phone.

As well as this, multiple stars under the public eye such as Idris Elba have also contracted the Coronavirus and are self-isolating until their symptoms are gone.

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