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Sky-High Vitamin C Dosages Given to Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients in New-York

In New-York, critically ill patients that are suffering from the Coronavirus, COVID-19 are being treated with high amounts of vitamin C. Trials are on-going.
Zahrah A
26 March 2020

Scientists around the world are working on vaccines and various drugs that could potentially fight against the Coronavirus or at least protect us from it to an extent. As the cases of COVID-19 rise, doctors have started to treat their critically ill patients with high doses of vitamin C. This tactic is said to have helped those in China.

How high is this dosage of vitamin C?

Typically, the average allowance for men is 90 milligrams and 75 milligrams of vitamin C for women. Intensive care patients in New-York have been receiving 1500 milligrams (1.5 grams) of the vitamin about four times a day. Every dose the patient receives is 16 times the daily dietary vitamin C allowance advised by the National Institute of Health.

According to Google, one orange fruit (that weighs 131 grams) has aprox. 67.9 grams of the vitamin in it. Therefore, if the patients are having about 6000 grams of the vitamin in a day, they're having about 88.4 oranges worth of vitamin C. At least we don't have to worry about these patients developing scurvy!

vitamin c

According to doctors, the patients that did receive the vitamin treatment did significantly better than those who didn't receive the treatment. Jason Molinet, a spokesman for Northwell said that the vitamin C treatment is being widely used and noted that the amount received between each patient varies.

If a patient who has Coronavirus also suffers from sepsis (an inflammatory response from the body when it overreacts to an infection) suffer from significant drops in vitamin C. So the heap tonnes of the vitamin that patients get in the treatment should make up for it.

A clinical trial to see the effectiveness of the vitamin dosages on patients with coronavirus had started on February 14th (Valentine's day) at Zhongnan Hospital which is located in Wuhan, China. This trial is expected to be completed by September according to the US National Library of Medicine's website.

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