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Audible Stories Offered for Free During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic and school closures, Audible are providing Audible Stories and E-Books for children of multiple ages to listen to in quarantine
Zahrah A
25 March 2020

Amazon are helping children all over the world by providing free Audible stories for students to listen to. Whilst schools are closed in many countries, Amazon is offering their Audible service. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it's important to keep kids entertained.

Eleven different categories of Audible Stories

These free books come in eleven different categories. These categories are Littlest Listeners, Elementary, Tween, Teen, Literary Classics, and Folk and Fairy Tails for All. There are also categories for five other languages than English. À écouter en français (To Listen in French), Auf Deutsch hören (To Listen in German), Para escuchar en español (To Listen in Spanish), Titoli in italiano (Titles in Italian), and 日本語の作品 (Japanese Works).

audible stories

What if I don't want to read during the Coronavirus pandemic?

If you find that you or your child don't particularly like reading, you may find that reading alongside an audio book can help you get better settled with the book. Perhaps you just haven't found the book that's clicked for you.

The Audible Stories are available on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Whilst you are streaming a book of your choice, you are able to pause whenever you want and change the speed of the narrator's reading. If you find that you're reading faster than the narrator, just speed the narrator up. Pretty simple.

With every free book in the library, you're able to read a summary of the book as well as reviews that people have posted about the book. With every review, you get an overall rating, a performance rating and story rating. You'll be able to see if this is something that you'd want to read. Still unsure about it? Dive right in and you'll find out.

Click here to go straight to Audible Stories and dive into a story!

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