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Former American counter-terrorism specialist Challenges Coronavirus Origins

Philip Giraldi brought up a Coronavirus theory in an article he wrote. This conspiracy lays blame to China, Israel and the US in two separate schools of thought
Zahrah A
3 March 2020

As the Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, many people are sceptical about how this disease came to be. A former American counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer from the CIA had stated that the COVID-19 disease "did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory", possibly as a biological warfare agent. He further expands there are two possible theories to this.

The Coronavirus theory about China

Philip Giraldi wrote an article that was published by the Strategic Culture Foundation questioning the origins of the Coronavirus. He stated that if it was correct that the virus had been developed or even produced with intent of warfare, it would emphasise the fact that its potential escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology could have been accidental. Technicians that work near such areas are aware of the leaks of diseases from the laboratories.

The Coronavirus theory about the US and Israel

Another theory that Giraldi brought to the table was that the US had developed the disease and planted it in China. "There has been some speculation that as the Trump Administration has been constantly raising the issue of growing Chinese global competitiveness as a direct threat to American national security and economic dominance, it must might be possible that Washington has created and unleashed the virus in a bid to bring Beijing’s growing economy and military might down a few notches."

Giraldi then brought up the point that in 2005-9 the American and Israeli governments developed a computer virus named Stuxnet. This computer virus was created with the intent to damage the control and operating systems of Iranian computers that was being used in that country's nuclear research program. Concerns that the virus would move to computers outside of Iran proved to be accurate. The computer virus ended up infecting thousands of computers - in countries as far as Indonesia, Germany and China.

coronavirus origins

To tie the Coronavirus theory together, Israeli scientists have claimed to be creating a vaccine for COVID-19 that could be available to the public in about 90-days. The scientists have said that they have developed a vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) which is going to be adapted so it can be effective against COVID-19 as well.

The scientists have also said that they have been researching avian Coronavirus which is similar to the version that is now infecting humans which has lead to breakthroughs in developments through genetic manipulation. When some other scientists heard the news of a new vaccine being produced so quickly, they were sceptical. These other scientists also warned that if a new vaccine is developed, it would need to be tested for side effects. This process itself takes over a year and includes testing it on infected humans.

If someone were to consider this theory that the US had a hand in creating the Coronavirus, it would be very likely that Israel had a hand in it as well. If the US were helping Israel, it would explain how a vaccine has been developed successfully so quickly. This could possibly be because both the disease and treatment were developed at the same time.

You have a choice. A choice whether to believe that the Coronavirus was a mutation and occurred naturally or that the disease was man-made in a lab in China, Israel or even the US.

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